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Devraha Baba - The Saint who survived 250 Years

For many people, Yoga means performing asanas but how many of them know Yoga is way beyond performing asanas? Asana is only one of the eight-limbs of Yoga stated by the great Patanjali Maharshi. Yoga is concerned with mental and spiritual well-being than physical activity. However, in the west, the term asana and Yoga are used interchangeably.

My brain child “wonders of Yoga” is an attempt to explore the true essence Yoga and is being thankfully appreciated wide across the globe on a large scale.

When I was working on the story of Patanjali Maharshi I came across few great saints who really mesmerized me and took me by surprise through their deeds. After learning about their lives I realized that the inclusion of such charismatic personalities in my blog wonders of Yoga will be a blessing. One such jewel in today’s update of wonders of Yoga is “Devraha Baba” who is believed to have survived for more than 250 years. I strongly believe that we can learn a lot from the lives of these enlightened saints and sages.

When I first learned that Devraha Baba lived for more than 250 years, I was totally awestruck. It took me by further surprise when I learned that he lived till 1989 until he entered into Samadhi. I had heard many legends during my childhood days regarding the lifespan of Lord Rama and Sri Krishna which lasted for above 500 years of age. When I grew up I came to know about few people who have survived for above 100 plus years. Later when I further grew up I learned that the life span of human life is possible for above 150 years. Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju’s (a famous Naturalist of Andhra Pradesh, India) teachings had a great impact on my belief that people can live past 200 years provided a great gene, natural atmosphere and natural lifestyle. And while learning “pranic healing” an ancient form of healing technique, I realized that there is much beyond Science and Technology which is directly associated with the powers of nature and its creation and Yoga is one such tool used to gain those miraculous cosmic energy which is still unknown to the Science.

What if a person does not eat at all, but is able to switch his body metabolism into living directly off of sunshine, can he prolong his life? Recent studies made on behalf of NASA, as well as other prior scientific research studies have proven that humans can live without food. A 95 year old Indian saint Prahladbhai Jani had not eaten any food or taken water for 65 years relies on the energy from trees and sun for survival. Hira Ratan Manek is another such wonder who is surviving only on solar energy without food and water. They do not understand why or how, only that it is possible for humans to do so. One such recorded case is of Giri Bala, a woman who had not eaten for 56 years.

Here is a dialogue between of Paramahansa Yogananda and Giri Bala, excerpted from Yogananda's book, Autobiography of a Yogi.

"Are you never tempted to eat?"

"If I felt a craving for food, I would have to eat."

Simply yet regally she stated this axiomatic truth, one known too well by a world revolving around three meals a day!

"But you do eat something!" My tone held a note of remonstrance.

Of course! She smiled in swift understanding.

"Your nourishment derives from the finer energies of the air and sunlight, and from the cosmic power which recharges your body through the medulla oblongata…"

"Mother," I asked, "why don't you teach others the method of living without food?"

My ambitious hopes for the world's starving millions were quickly shattered.

"No." She shook her head. "I was strictly commanded by my guru not to divulge the secret. It is not his wish to tamper with God's drama of creation. The farmers would not thank me if I taught many people to live without eating! The luscious fruits would lie uselessly on the ground. It appears that misery, starvation, and disease are whips of our karma which ultimately drive us to seek the true meaning of life."

"Mother," I said slowly, "what is the use of your having been singled out to live without eating?"

"To prove that man is Spirit." Her face lit with wisdom. "To demonstrate that by divine advancement he can gradually learn to live by the Eternal Light and not by food."

Yogananda's book also refers to Christian saints not taking food. It states, Among Christian Saints who lived without eating may be mentioned St. Lidwina of Schiedam, Blessed Elizabeth of Rent, St. Catherine of Siena, Dominica Lazarri, Blessed Angela of Feligno, and the 19th century Louise Lateau. St. Nicholas of Flue (Bruder Klaus, the 15th century hermit whose impassioned plea for union saved the Swiss Confederation) was an abstainer from food for twenty years.

If a person were able to draw his required energy from cosmic sources he would eliminate the toxic fallout (free radicals and Ecs) that occurs from eating food, and this would help him prolong his life span. And, if the person practiced meditation and lived a relaxed lifestyle (thus lowering his metabolism), and also practiced Yoga postures (stimulating his endocrine system), his life span would surely be prolonged. Taking these three factors together, it should be possible for a person living such a lifestyle to extend his life span dramatically.

Brambha Rishi Yogiraj Shree Devraha Baba - is one of the greatest and the most famous Yogis in the history of India, the eleventh from the lineage of Sri Ramanuja Acharya, also known as Ramanujacharya (the saint and the philosopher from the south of India and the founder of the Vaishnavism) and one of his most prominent followers.

He was born in the Deoria district in Uttar Pradesh India, however the date of his birth is un known. Life of Devraha Baba is veiled in mystery; and according to different sources the period of his carnal existence varies from 150 to 2200 years. Baba is known as the Eternal Yogi. Devraha Baba acquired exceptional skills in Khechari Yoga by mastering his language and controlling the time of his death. The first president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad evidenced of the great age of the Yogi. He said that he could personally prove that the Yogi was at least 150 years old. At the age of 73 he said that when he was a little boy his father had sent him to visit Baba who at that time was already a man of advanced years, and that his father had already known Baba for many years. Appearance of Devraha Baba at the greatest celebrations of Kumbh Mela in India, which takes place every 12 years, was recorded 12 times. The lawyer of the Allahabad Supreme Court proved that seven generations of his family had sat at the feet of Devraha Baba.

He was always radiating love. He was Premasvarupa, the embodiment and incarnation of true spiritual love. Baba used to bless his devotees by touching their heads with his foot.

People of all castes and estates came from every corner of India to worship him. He was also the object of adoration of Indian politicians. Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, ministers, saints, Yogis, religious ministers, the rich and the poor – all came to Baba for darshan (in search of spiritual blessing).

He is attributed of staying underwater for 30 minutes at a time, without resurfacing for air. He could also allegedly understand the language of animals, control wild animals, heal people by his touch, look or word and tell the future.

On the 19th of June 1990 Devraha Baba departed out of his body to enter the state of Mahasamadhi having imparted his power and his knowledge to his senior pupils Dev Das Ji Maharaj (Bare Maharaj Ji) and Ram Sewak Das Ji Maharaj (Chhote Maharaj Ji). His Samadhi shrine is located across the Yamuna river from the Hindu piligrimage city of Vrindavan. Thousands of pilgrims still flock to have darshan of his samadhi.

Since Giri Bala's interview with Yogananda, the world has undergone an exponential awakening in consciousness and science. The ancient teachings of the Rishis, which heretofore have been kept secret and only shared with the closest of disciples, now are readily available to everyone. As more people begin meditation practices and learn to tap their inner cosmic energies, and as medical science moves towards eradicating all diseases, it is conceivable that the human life span will be extended by decades if not by centuries.

I hope you enjoyed this update on wonders of yog. Keep watching the space for more wonders to come.

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