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Action in Bellur,

In my previous blog "Developments at Bellur 2015" I tried to bring the developments that took place in Bellur the birth place of Guruji over a period of time. It was highly appreciated by the Iyengar yoga community all over. What delighted me more was the publishing of this article in Yog Rahasya Vol. 23, No.1, 2016.
By the grace of Guruji, I again got an opportunity to visit Bellur for a workshop conducted by Rita Keller. Some interesting developments came to my observation, which I would like to share through this blog. Many of you are aware that a huge yoga hall that can accommodate 300 students was inaugurated by Geeta S Iyengar and Prashant S Iyengar on 8th of September 2015.
The construction of accommodation facility is now complete and a beautiful new building is ready to accommodate 30 plus people on sharing basis. There is a huge dining hall attached to this building that can accommodate around 300 people in one go. Activities are on to make the premises clean and gr…
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Rita Keller Workshop at Bellur 2017

In the year 2012, I had been to Bellur, the birth place of Guruji for an Iyengar yoga workshop with my teacher Zarna Mohan. Then I came to know from Mr. Govinda Raju that two foreign teachers Patricia Walden and Rita Keller were conducting intensives during December/January of every year with a group of foreign students.
Couple of months later, the name Rita Keller strike my ears again in Pune from one of my friends 'Martin Zilbauer' from Germany. He said that she is one of the best Iyengar yoga teachers we have in existence. I again heard her name from another friend of mine 'Audra Stonkiene' from Lithuania a year later. Both of them have insisted not to miss her workshop if she travels to India.
In 2015 I met her with the help of Audra at Balewadi stadium, Pune during "Geetaji's workshop - Yoganusasanam". I expressed my willingness to take part in the workshop and requested her to open the gates for Indians also. She said welcome with her wide arms.

Developments at Bellur 2015

A grand Pooja is being organized by the Iyengar family at Bellur commemorating Guruji Sri. B.K.S. Iyengar's first death Anniversary on 8th of September 2015. The entire Iyengar family was present along with hundreds of Iyengar yogis from different parts of the World to offer prayers for Guruji.

The day began with a chanting session of Patanjali Yoga Sutras by Geetaji and a group of people gathered at the technical college followed by traditional pooja at Yoga hall. The newly built yoga hall was reverberated with the vedic chants till noon.

At the end of Pooja, people walked to Geetaji and Prashantji to seek their blessings. Both sat patiently and received one and every individual with complete humbleness and generosity which is the hallmark of Iyengar's.

Later a good traditional food is served as Guruji's prasad along with some dakshina as part of their tradition to all the visitors present over there.

Apart from this, many developments took place in Bellur ever since I visit…

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